Trump in the Media

Donald Trump is loathed by many yet loved, secretly, I suspect, by the media. He provides them with a regular stream of interesting and controversial stories. Some of the reporting about him seems to be a little unfair; he's being portrayed as a pantomime villain. 

A Channel 4 documentary aired this month called Meet the Trumps. It looked at the Trump family origins in both Germany and Scotland and how they helped shape the current pater familias. Even here, however, there is an unkind interpretation. Trump Senior was a businessman involved in building housing after the Second World War. It describes how he 'would ask for more money (from the government) than he needed, to build the houses and then pocketed the difference'. The documentary called this a 'scam'. Wait a minute, isn't charging more for a product or service than it actually costs to deliver simply called business? Revenue less cost equals profit, which is the purpose of enterprise. 
Don't believe everything the media tells you.