Unsolved Murders

Tonight I came back from the Church Meeting and watched the tail-end of Crimewatch. There's something terrible about the crimes included, but something more terrible about the offenders apparently getting away with it. Unsolved murders, rapists unpunished, thieves successfully absconding with others' possessions. Some are eventually caught, others not. 

When Cain killed Abel He didn't get away with it. God informed the murderer that 'the blood of thy brother Abel cryeth out to me from the ground'. It cried for vengeance, vindication and punishment. A terrible crime had been committed and it screamed out for justice. 
The blood of today's murder victims also cry out to God for justice. And He will dispense it, full measure, pressed down and over-flowing. Clever criminals may escape human justice, but not heaven's. Be sure, says Numbers, that your sin shall find you out.
I thank God that Christ's blood, which speaks better than that of Abel's, cries out for me 'Father forgive him'.