Virgin Birth

Rev Frater, a daft Scottish clergyman, has suggested we should all stop believing in the virgin birth of Christ. It’s out of date, it’s unscientific, and it’s ridiculous. Red David Meredith of the Free Church of Scotland replied “Rev Frater’s offering of a Christmas without angels, a virgin, a bright star, awe-struck shepherds, a jealous dictator and lowing cattle reminds me of my early attempt at soup, it looked OK but after 10 hours boiling it had zero nutritional value.”

“It’s non-belief like this which has resulted in the only Christmas decorations outside hundreds of Scottish church buildings being ‘For Sale’ signs.”

Well said!

Why is the virgin birth so important? The Deliverer promised in Genesis 3 would be the ‘seed of the woman’. Why specify this, unless it was indicating the absence of a male parent? The second Adam would not inherit the first Adam’s fallen DNA; this would fit him to be sinless and unblemished as he offered himself a sacrifice on the cross.

But even without the theology, we should believe in the virgin birth. Why bother believing in a God that isn’t capable of creating a human body without sexual intercourse? The God of the Bible made a man out of dust, why not a second man without sex?