West Marton Village Stocks

I discovered the West Marton village stocks last week not far from the main crossroad. Although no longer used, they are a reminder of how punishment was often a public, communal affair. Malefactors had their legs or arms placed in the gaps. They would be unable to avoid the mouldy fruit and slops that would be thrown their way. 
The real punishment was not the stench of rotten eggs or the odd black eye, but the public humiliation. I often think that, should I be hauled before the Bench for some misdemeanour, my name's insertion in the local press would be more punitive than the fine. 
The Lord Jesus warns us in Luke 12:9 "but the one who denies me before men will be denied before the angels of God." Judgement will not take place in a private room or a hidden corner. It will be witnessed by every human and angel.