Connect With Ministries

'Ministry' means to serve. At Martin Top we are always looking for ways to serve our community, and share the good news of Jesus.

We produce a quarterly magazine containing testimonies, poems and news items. If you would like a copy posting, please send us your name and postal address using our Contact page.
The pastor visits 1-2 households connected to the chapel each week. If you would like someone to come and talk and pray with you at home, please get in touch using the Contact page.
If you would like us to pray for you or a situation in which you find yourself, please message us via our Contact page, and we'll bring your needs to God at our Prayer Meeting.
It is hard to believe that a bunch of used stamps can help transform the life of someone affected by leprosy. But the fact is that it can!
Visitors to our graveyard, or passing walkers or cyclists are welcome to make use of our two outside toilets which are left unlocked.
Our growing young people's work is called MTBLAST. It's led by Jake and Dannie Damson