Passion for Life 2023

(above: Night One)

We are delighted to invite you to our special event A Passion For Life (30 May-4 June). Come and hear five moving life stories, and Roger Carswell explain the Christian message. All at Martin Top except Saturday which is at Gisburn Auction Mart.

All are welcome, including people who are not sure what they believe, or those who have never even considered the message of Jesus Christ.

Tues-Friday, and Sunday, at Martin Top Chapel

Parking: You may park on the lane (considerately) or on a nearby field. There will be stewards to guide you. 

Refreshments will be served afterwards. 

Saturday: At Gisburn Auuction Mart. 

Parking: there is a large car park to its rear.

Food will be served afterwards. 

Children's Holiday Bible Club will also be running that week (Tues-Fri, 2-4pm) at Gisburn Festival Hall. Secret Agent Academy 2023 | Salem Chapel, Martin Top for children aged 5-11 years.