As a Congregational chapel, we are self-governing. 


These are elected by the church members to oversee and manage the property and assets which they hold in trust for the members. This body was established in 1817, and is subject to the founding fathers' Trust Deed. Chairman of the Trustees is Mr Roy Porter, and the other members are here.

Church Meeting

This is the regular meeting of members every 3 months at which decisions are made. 


Made up of the pastor, elders and deacons, they are elected by the congregation to run the chapel. You can read more about them here.


The pastor of this chapel is just a church member like everyone else. Other members of the congregation preach, lead worship and administer the Lord's Supper. At a Bible Study in the summer of 2015, it was suggested that 'steward' is the best description of our pastor. He's not a priest and neither is he 'revered'. His title is plain 'Mr'.

The church is also subject to the regulations of the Charity Commission, as we are a registered charity (No 252401).


This can be read here