What to Expect

Increasingly, British people are unfamiliar with 'church'. The following is written with someone in mind who wishes to visit us on a Sunday morning, and would like to know what to expect.

Parking and Arrival

We park in the small car park or along the lane. Tractors often drive past, so park as close to the hedge as you are able. Enter the church through the two front doors- someone will greet you on the inside and hand you a notice sheet detailing the week's meetings.

The Service

We are a fairly traditional chapel, and sing hymns with an organ or piano being played. Hymn books are on all the seats. There'll be readings from the Bible. You can sit and listen or use one of the Bibles provided to read too. After about half an hour, someone will preach. This means they'll stand up and explain a passage from the Bible. This will last around 30-40 minutes. After this, we sing another hymn before closing the meeting in prayer. 

After the Service

There's cake and tea/coffee served in the upper room. Let us get to know you.

Which Bible translation do you use?

The pastor preaches from the New King James Version. Others within the congregation use the NIV or AV.

What's the disabled access like?

Chapels from 1817 were not built with disabled people in mind, sadly. We have a wheelchair ramp to allow access to the upper room as well as the main chapel. We have a Hearing Loop for people who use hearing aids.

Can we bring children?

Yes. 2-3 children attend each week. They tend to sit at the back of the main meeting drawing and colouring, but we sometimes take them out for their own activities.

I'm not a Christian, can I still attend?

Yes of course. But we hope that your time spent among us will persuade you to consider Jesus' offer of eternal life.

What if I come to a normal evening service?

This is a smaller, quieter service. We pray and sing informally and someone will preach from a passage of the Bible. For special occasions we meet at 7pm not 6pm, so do check the website's Events Calendar before coming.