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Thou Dost Keep Him

Thou dost keep him in perfect peace,
Whose mind is stayed on Thee,
Because he trusts in Thee,
Because he trusts in Thee.
And his path is the righteous way
In Thy security,
Because he trusts in Thee,
Because he trusts in Thee.

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The other day I caught the end of a radio programme in which it appeared there had been an earlier discussion about house clearances and in particular what people had found when clearing the houses of deceased relatives. The presenter read out a final email which recorded the discovery of a ‘pristine blue bible, still in its box, commemorating the coronation of George VI in 1936’.

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This is harebell, sometimes called Scottish bluebell. My photographs are poor; the flower is so small and delicate that the lens could not focus, for it kept shaking in the modest breeze. Christina Rossetti wrote

Hope is like a harebell, trembling from its birth.

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I spent an enjoyable 30 minutes moseying around the churchyard of St Leonard’s, Balderstone. It had a range of tomb styles, from the art deco to the balefully heavy table tomb, to the rather unusual tree stump and the standard Celtic crosses (bottom).

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Were you aware that:

-Angels fly around God’s throne, texting each other?

-Angels fly around God’s throne, breaking wind, and chuckling?

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This week, the Leeds-Liverpool canal froze. Curious children were observed standing on its banks hurling stones to see if they’d break the ice. Moorhens and coots waddled across the surface of the water in which they were swimming just a few days ago. At those places where a missile had successfully penetrated the frozen layer, I estimated the thickness as over an inch.