Elected Servants of the Church

About Our Staff

Our chapel is run by a part-time pastor with elders, and a team of deacons alongside other volunteers. You can contact any of them by emailing the address at the bottom. 'Pastor' means shepherd- he is not a priest ('intermediary') or vicar ('substitute'). 'Elder' means wise, older man, and 'Deacon' means servant. We also have a part-time evangelist who spreads the good news of the gospel.


Roger Carswell Elder
I work as a travelling evangelist linked to the Association of Evangelists. www.rogercarswell.net  
Stephen Jackson Elder
I earn a living writing computer programs and doing related geek stuff.


Bill Ashton Deacon
Hilary and I have been married for more than forty years; we have four children and four grand-children. We have been Christians for the last thirty-five years or so.
David Hollings Deacon
I have a stall in Skipton Antique Centre and live nearby in Rimington.
Herbert Moorhouse Deacon
I have been at Martin Top most of my life beginning in the Sunday School about 70 years ago. My faith has grown gradually over the years.
Stephen Jackson Deacon
I earn a living writing computer programs and doing related geek stuff.

Other Offices

Alan Marsden Pastor
I pastor at the chapel and write a daily blog.
Diana Laycock Church Secretary
I am married to Francis and have two adult sons. I retired from full time social work in 2011 and enjoy reading, walking and road cycling.
Matthew Fawcett Evangelist
I lead the chapel's outreach and evangelism. From a farming background, I look forward to introducing new people to the truth of Jesus Christ.