2023 and Beyond

Some news, for once, from Martin Top (above) rather than Martin Bottom or Tartin Mop. At this week’s AGM and Church Meeting, the following decisions were made:

  • A re-roof. Although our 200-year-old roof is in generally good condition (interestingly, two who went up to inspect it this month found some of the original Georgian pullies used for hoisting up materials), there are some leaks caused by broken slates, and a general lack of underfelt.
  • We shall have monthly men’s breakfasts as an outreach to males. Details to follow, but it is likely to commence at the beginning of February.  
  • We shall be installing four air source heat pumps to reduce our energy bills, if the local council grants planning permission. These should pay for themselves in three years’ time if projected calculations are correct. Attractively, they can provide cool air in the hot summers.
  • As well as appointing four deacons, we appointed two elders for the first time in our history, straying somewhat from traditional Congregational polity but aligning ourselves more obviously with the New Testament model.
  • We shall be fitting some ‘secondary glazing’ to our inside chapel windows in order to reduce heat loss.

May the Lord bless the work here at Salem Chapel; may each pound spent and minute worked bring glory to Him whose money and time it is.