Assisting Bill to Die Nobly

I have just posted four letters to four noble lords: the Baroness Rock, Viscount Brookeborough, the Lord Bishop of Ely and his Grace the Duke of Wellington. Lady Meacher’s Assisted Dying Bill, though it may be well intentioned, is, as ever, a threat to the lives of our most vulnerable people. I have therefore asked the four peers aforementioned to use their voice in the House of Lords to oppose it. I shall wait to see how many reply and how they vote. Unlike elected politicians, peers often have a greater clarity of mind, independence of thought and feel less inclined to popularity. It is my hope that these titled men and women will vote the right way later this month, and assist with this Bill’s death.

Corrupted societies always undervalue human life. God values life even when it is old, disabled and economically unproductive. 

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay