Bin Adverts

I was in Preston this month, attending the bus station to make my way home. The canny city council have taken to placing advertising on litter bins, and one such badly formatted advert caught my eye. Although covered in writing that was far too small for a passer-by to read (and who wishes to kneel down before a bin to inspect it?) various Bible references were visible, as well as repeated mentions of Jesus.

God is Love and Light for enlightenment of Love Anointed, cooed one line. Happy Resurrection Time, chirped another. It all seemed to be a hotchpotch of Christian sayings and jargon, woven together to fit on the side of a rubbish bin. As well as lengthy quotes of scripture which were too miniscule to read, there was also a website advertised. Its author claims to be a poetess who practises ‘the healing arts’. She ‘studied scripture for the healing message of Christ and conveys these understandings in her books and poetry with great appreciation for the miracle of life in the human body. From the stars to the star fish and Genesis to Revelation her work addresses all in between to inspire love and peace for joy and kindness on earth.’

Despite all this Christianese and spiritual mumbo-jumbo, I found no explanation of the gospel: how do I get right with God? How can sin be dealt with? How do I avoid the hell which my actions so very much deserve? Whatever benefits this proffered healing and these love poems might confer, my ultimate need remains unaddressed and neglected. That advert was located in the correct place, but it should have been on the inside, not the outside.