Books and Beverages

To my mind, books and beverages, (especially if the latter is free!) are a welcome addition to any day when out exploring. A comfy place to sit doesn’t go amiss either. C.S.Lewis, critic, theologian and writer from the last century obviously felt the same way. Although I do indulge occasionally in reading a large tome, a busy life so often intrudes, thus prohibiting any pride in achieving great success with very long books. Also, I tend to fall asleep! 

How great it is then, to find some books which totally grip me. They are indeed ‘un-put-downable’, making me lose track of time by being thoroughly and deliciously immersed in the characters or subject before me. Of course, what absorbs or challenges me might not be your choice. 

But let’s go back to C.S.Lewis. Born in Belfast in 1898, he grew up as an avid reader and writer, particularly enjoying Norse and Celtic mythology. Gaining a scholarship to Oxford, interrupted by war service, he entered University College to read classics, philosophy and English, winning firsts throughout. In one of his many books, ‘Surprised by Joy’ he describes his spiritual conversion to Christianity. During the second world war, his radio talks were very popular resulting in the book, ‘Mere Christianity’, which I have enjoyed and passed on to certain faith-seekers. But of course, most people know Lewis for his series of Narnia books, especially ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'. If you haven’t read it, do so!  Or read it to children you know.

As those who love and belong to the Lord Jesus Christ, we should always heed scripture’s warnings about false teaching and impurity; therefore, we should always hold whatever we read under the ‘light’ of the Bible.