Brookhouse Primitive Methodist

At Brookhouse in Lancashire’s Lune Valley stands the old Primitive Methodist Chapel. Now a charming private residence seemingly bereft of car parking, it is a quaint relic of a bygone age. Before the 1930s, there were a number of branches of Methodism, of which the Wesleyans and Primitives were chief. Founded by Hugh Bourne (1772–1852) and William Clowes (1780–1851) on account of having been expelled by the rather respectable Wesleyans for holding unauthorised revival or camp meetings, it sought to recapture the revivalist spirit. As denominations grow older and enjoy the benefits of worldly success and esteem, the more evangelical of its members tend to long for the better days of its youth. Hence, this new breed of Methodism was ‘primitive’- going back to its roots. Members of Britain’s modern Methodist Church would do well to consider their own position within the denomination, much as their Primitive forbears did before them.

May the Lord make this sanctuary a great blessing to the place, and in it may many souls be saved. Amen.

-Thomas Bennett, who laid the Brookhouse Chapel's foundation stone on Good Friday, 1861.