Bucket List

For many years, a ‘bucket list’ has become one of the most popular and desired ‘before death’ accessory. People write down all the things they would love to do and see before life ebbs away. I wonder what we would put on ours. I suppose it does depend on our means or the generosity of others. It can be a good way of giving people encouragement and enjoyment as they come to terms with a debilitating disease. (The euphemism, ‘to kick the bucket’, meaning to die is a most insensitive, distasteful, descriptive term, in my view, by the way.)

Having hopes, dreams and aspirations to be achieved or fulfilled before one dies is not wrong in itself.  However, what if the most important thing to do is left off the list? Does anyone write down, ‘get ready to meet God’? 

At Martin Top Chapel we have just finished a DVD series called ‘Christianity Explored ‘- an informal time together with discussion over food about how to know God personally. If you would be interested in coming along to our next group or want more information, please contact the pastor or call in on Wednesday afternoons to chat. We would love to meet you and be of help.

Image by www.pixabay.com