Buzzards of Martin Top

A few Sundays ago, those of us greeting on the door beheld a buzzard circling over the nearby fields looking for prey. Their distinctive cat-like shrieks help us to distinguish them from their peers. As well as small mammals and birds, they also hunt for mates; the males will perform a ‘roller coaster’ aerial display during which they rise high and then plummet, twisting and spiralling. Although I have yet to see this, I have witnessed the other hunting technique well enough.

Just as the male buzzard uses his wings and eyes to seek both food and females, so the Christians must peel his eyes to detect sin in his life as well as Christian company and fellowship to enjoy and love. Those who cut themselves off in introspection may be holy and pure but have no one to bless; those who enjoy others’ company but neglect their own souls soon prove tiresome and unhallowed.  

Image by Tom from Pixabay