Call Blocking Scam

The Indian fraudsters who regularly call my phone number pretending to be from Sky Internet, have given up. They have passed me to another team of colleagues purporting to be from the 'call blocking service'. Clever, eh? The very crooks whose activities would warrant a call-blocking service are now calling our numbers offering to block themselves, and requesting our debit card details in the process.

In the spiritual life, the enemy offers remedies for the problems he causes, much as cigarettes help fulfil the nicotine-craving those very cigarettes have created. He offers ritual to make us holy, suggests long-worded prayers to make us humble, give us a desire to possess more things to make us content. Often, the sinful nature will tell us what we want to hear. As my Indian friends in the noisy office cannot stop nuisance calls, neither can schemes whose origins lies in the world, the flesh or the devil ever bring us closer to God.

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay