Chancellors, Four a Penny

We are now on our fourth Chancellor of the Exchequer in as many months (July- Sunak; August- Zahawi; September- Kwarteng; October- Hunt). Few Conservative voters choose that party because they have any fondness for conservatism, much less for the British Tory Party itself. They vote for it because it once enjoyed a reputation for economic competence and level-headed governance. This reputation, regardless of whether it was deserved, is fast evaporating. Liz Truss has been compared to a lettuce by a popular tabloid, and the ‘natural party of government’ is fast appearing the natural heirs to a long period in opposition. Although our current economic woes are not exclusively the fault of His Majesty’s government (high prices and large national debts characterise European countries, too), the planned tax cuts and Thatcherite manoeuvrings seemed to damage the very national finances a Conservative-run Treasury is meant to safeguard. Without a sufficient national income, social policies and their necessary expenditures are compromised. The Labour Opposition, who may be set to form a government in 2024, are not inheriting a healthy exchequer as did Blair from Major, but a debt-ridden, inflation-eaten old horse.

Although a nation can develop an obsession with money, a government ought to have careful regard for its finances. And so, too, the people of God. Whereas the money-grubbing prosperity preachers seek more so they show more off, the biblical Christian contentedly surveys that which is already his in order to preserve it and use it wisely. Avoiding debt, frivolous spending and miserly accumulation, we should consider money one of our tools with which we build God’s Kingdom, as well His generous  provision during our earthly stay. The current government is primarily unpopular because of its levels of economic competence; the Lord may scrutinise our own finances with an even greater degree stringency.  

If then you have not been faithful in the unrighteous wealth, who will entrust to you the true riches? Luke 16:11, ESV

Image by Alan from Pixabay