Church of Old Nick

A church in Leicester has gained the dubious epithet of 'Church of Woke'. The liberals who run it have installed a permanent Pride rainbow altar cloth. Although more sensible Anglicans are seeking a court challenge, the clergy there must think themselves so wonderfully radical and cutting edge. Yet this is far from the truth. It has all been done before, but the colours were different. In the 1920s and 30s, certain ‘radical’ vicars would hang red flags in their churches to show their support for the Russian Revolution and the principles of communism. That did not end well. Across the Channel, brave pastors like Dietrich Bonhoeffer were tearing down red and white swastika banners from those Lutheran churches which were determined to show their loyalty to the prevailing politics of the late thirties. That, too, ended badly. There will doubtless be outrage that I dare compare St Nicholas’ rainbow coloured altar cloth with communist flags and Nazi pendants hung in churches a century ago. Yet are they not all expressions of new, godless moralities? Are they not all contrary to the faith once handed down to the saints? With time’s passing, the Pride movement will be less about obtaining general acceptance for LGBTQ+ lifestyles, and more about silencing those voices which do not concur, mark my words. And spiritually dead leadership will bask in the glory, until that day when they stand before the Lord to give account:

“Depart from me- I never knew you.”

The replacement was even cheaper than the first.