Climate of Hypocrisy

The Daily Telegraph reported last month:

BBC climate editor accused of hypocrisy as he travels to Spain to report on heatwave

That’s right, Justin Rowlatt jetted off to Spain to report on the heatwave and ‘its links to the climate crisis.’ Having flown to Alicante to inspect for himself the record temperatures over the European mainland, he was able to successfully diagnose the phenomenon as global warming caused by human activity.

Have you noticed that the climate change hype is generally coming from people with privileged backgrounds or status? Local authority ‘Climate Change Officers’ on £45-60k salaries; boards of large multinationals who can see a few bucks to be made; BBC journalists who see opportunities to lecture the little guys; denizens of London with their access to excellent public transport networks tut-tutting at others’ reliance on cars, and the university educated, spoilt brats of Just Stop Oil who enjoy hampering the lives of working people- to name but a few. The natural world God made for us, even in its fallen state, is far more resilient and generous than the atheistic climate change brigade realise. This physical world was a gift to us from our Creator; it is not a fragile consequence of a random explosion and on whose surface life just happened to begin.