Copper Bands

My modest front garden supports two Laburnum trees, the bright yellow flowers of which add a splash of welcome colour to the Victorian terrace. Unfortunately, the local gastropod population like them too, gauging as they do on the leaves and congregating on the trunk. For the prevention of this, I encircled the trunks with a copper tape. This is said to create a mild electric shock which is meant to dissuade the slugs and snails from creeping further upwards to the leaves. Furthermore, copper carbonate forms on the surface which slugs and snails find to be toxic.

When we sin, or ‘trespass’ as the traditional Lord’s Prayer puts it, we hurt ourselves. Unlike the slugs and snails, we cannot stop. Sin damages us and others; it stings, cuts, bruises and maims. Jesus Christ was wounded on the cross, that wounded sinners might be healed and restored. Christ was stung that we might be whole.

Come, ye sinners, poor and needy,

weak and wounded, sick and sore;

Jesus ready stands to save you,

full of pity, love, and power.


Let not conscience make you linger,

nor of fitness fondly dream;

all the fitness he requireth

is to feel your need of him.


Come, ye weary, heavy laden,

lost and ruined by the fall;

if you tarry till you're better,

you will never come at all.


-Joseph Hart, 1759