The Cross (1993)


Mario Anton’s The Cross was painted in 1993. On traditionally shaped religious panels which one might expect to see on an altar, we see a cross. Yet it is really a modern, industrial scene, the process of extracting fossil fuels being a favourite theme. But for its title and ecclesiastically-shaped canvas, we might have been forgiven for thinking this piece about the Cross at all. Yet we Christians can detect the hand of God in all areas of our lives. He is not confined to Sundays, much less to the hour’s service or communion rite. We might be out walking, and behold our God’s creative genius. We might be battling with a difficult family problem, and marvel at the strength He supplies. We might be at our place of work, and behold the richness of His provision. Unbelievers may ridicule us for seeing God everywhere; I pity unbelievers for discerning Him nowhere.

A wondrous wine there is,

None can with it compare,

Creating most exalted bliss,

Which God and man will cheer.


It is the wine of Love,

That precious love divine

Which knits and cheers all hearts above,

And makes their faces shine.


Believers know its taste,

And can its virtues tell;

Oft when their hearts are sinking fast,

One sip has made them well.


It is the cordial true;

Lord, cheer me with it still;

Till at thy seat I drink it new,

And take my hearty fill.


-J. Berridge, Gadsby’s Hymns, No 890