Crowning Wisdom: Hats Old and New

When Charles II had the current St Edward’s Crown made back in 1661, it was to replace the older crown of King Edward the Confessor, which Cromwell had seen fit to scrap and melt down. The original likely lacked the imperial arches; nor would it have looked half so elegant (nor felt so heavy) as that great headdress which King Charles III shall bear at the coronation. By calling the ‘modern’ crown the St Edward’s (King Edward the Confessor was canonised by the Pope in 1161), Charles II was harking back to the ancient monarchy he sought to continue.

Kings tend to look back whereas politicians and presidents tend to look forward. King Jesus existed before time itself and will still reign and rule when this old world is exhausted and combusted. He has more heritage and grandeur than an hereditary monarch, while lacking none of the optimism, hope and promise of an elected politician. Unlike the latter, He keeps His word, and promises better; unlike the former, He is fair, equitable and never in need of that elusive, suitable heir.

Your throne is established from of old; You are from everlasting. Psalm 93:2