Deceiving Signs

A number of people were fooled by the workmen’s signs on Brogden Lane claiming the road was closed. In fact, it never was. For reasons best known to themselves, the company digging up the road erected closure signs while keeping the road open. I, personally, was glad, as it kept available the shortest route for my bicycle, while the lane was quieter as a result. But for other Martin Toppers, an extra few miles were added onto their journey as they had to go via the village of Gisburn.

There are many who think Christianity is a closed road, a dead end, an intellectual impasse. They will point out the closed churches, the insipid, liberal clergy, the increasingly old fashioned-looking values and the general gap between it and the dominant culture. But don’t believe everything you hear, and don’t be overawed by every big, red sign. The gospel of Jesus Christ is still able to reconcile you to God, who desires sinners be saved. The church, though weak, cannot die, for Christ promised that the gates of hades would not prevail against her. Many Christians are a dreary lot, but this reflects not the vitality of the Lord who loves them.

Wisdom is in the sight of him who has understanding, but the eyes of a fool are on the ends of the earth. Proverbs 17:24