Derek Burnside at KiEL, Spring 2023

Several of us attended the KiEL Spring Convention with Derek Burnside, the principal of Capernwray Bible College last weekend. He spoke on Cain and Abel: ‘First Family’.

Session 1:  Genesis 4:1-5

• Apart from God we can do nothing

• Embrace your God given calling

• We’re hard wired to worship

• Resist works drift

Session 2: Genesis 4:6-8

• Why are you angry?

• Why are you avoiding the Lord?

• Master sin or be mastered

Session 3:

• Life is short – use it well

• Without faith it is impossible to please God

• Lives lived trusting Jesus will be hated by some

• Sin requires justice

We were blessed. Links to audio recordings can be found on the Kiel FB page. My thanks to Mr Burnside.