Dumbria Fire & Rescue

I was up in Cumbria last week, and was momentarily distracted by a fire engine that has been painted with the rainbow colours. Over it was written:

Fire does not discriminate and neither do we

I have no doubt that when Cumbrians are trapped in burning buildings and see the local fire brigade roll up, such livery and sentiments will doubtless offer them sweet comfort and relief. The statement is, of course, ludicrous. We may alter it accordingly, judging for ourselves which apply to the Cumbrian Fire and Rescue:

Fire does not read and neither do we

Fire does not keep fit and neither do we

Fire does not possess common sense and neither do we

Fire does not stick to what it’s good at and neither do we

I long for the day when police forces will stick to policing, fire brigades to rescuing folk and train companies to transporting people. Instead, our public services seem to be in competition regarding who can engage in the wokest posturing. The fires of hell certainly do not discriminate. Whether you be a hard-hearted sinner, or a self-righteous woke crusader: eternity without Christ is spent in the same place.