Dying, Dying, Dead.

On the large obeliscal war memorial outside Knowle Green Congregational Church are listed the names and dates of the chapel’s war dead. One of them, John Slater, is recorded as having died on 15th November, 1918. As most of us will recall, the armistice between Germany and the Allies was signed on 11/11/18, yet here is one of our fallen who died in peace time. Why is this? Almost certainly, his injuries were inflicted before the war’s end, but they took several days to effect his demise. Those who died instantly doubtless had a more merciful end. Sorry though I feel for this poor soldier, he is an apt picture of us all. Our bodies are dying long before we are dead. We fade, decline, wane and deteriorate gradually and steadily. Few of us die instantly; most are given due warning, several years' notice. May we heed it and prepare for our appointment with eternity, wherein we shall give account of our actions to God.  

Remember your Creator before the silver cord is loosed,
Or the golden bowl is broken,
Or the pitcher shattered at the fountain,
Or the wheel broken at the well.
Then the dust will return to the earth as it was,
And the spirit will return to God who gave it. Ecclesiastes 12, NKJV.