Failed to Deliver

DPD, the ubiquitous delivery company, put a card through my door this summer as I was not available to receive a package which they had attempted to deliver one weekend. I was unable to seek redelivery, and was required to attend their ‘DPD pickup shop’. This is several miles away, and would require a bus or car journey. The back of their card stated that they are helping to rescue the planet for having saved so much CO2. Yet they had not. By requiring me to drive off and make good their failed delivery, an extra car journey would have had to be made. For not discreetly leaving it in some hidden place or returning with it, their environmental bragging is laid bare. Because I refused to make the journey, the item was returned to the sender who had to send it a second time- once again belying DPD’s carbon credentials.

Like the infuriating self-service machines at supermarket check-outs, banks that will only send electronic monthly statements and firms’ sudden admiration and esteem of sexual minorities, here we detect corporate greed. Do not be conned by big businesses’ boasts and claims. All they want is money, and more of it. DPD would not re-arrange my delivery not because its Board cares for the planet, but because it does not want to fork out the extra expense. Behind every mission statement, corporate good practice standard and smiling customer service, is the fallen human heart. I am grateful that the God of heaven entrusted His gospel to a voluntary organisation led by fishermen rather than merchants and entrepreneurs.

Image by cdz from Pixabay