Fe & Male He Created Herself

Another first. Another great precedent. A 19-year-old guy called Brían has been crowned ‘Miss Greater Derry’ at a Miss America beauty pageant, making it through to the New Hampshire round. He took to his Instagram account to boast that he had become ‘the FIRST transgender woman to be a Miss America local titleholder’, which certainly makes a refreshing change from the usual sentiments about world peace and caring for animals.

This unsatisfactory episode has led to the unusual sight of American feminists rallying to the defence of traditional beauty pageants, demanding they be for women only. Yet again, the influence of the woke god is at work. Denying that women exist as distinctive entities and persons means that fellas can enter female beauty contests, and win. Even if one accepted that this individual was a female, his masculine bulk would surely discount any possibility of winning the round, but no, that too was taken care of. Western culture is in a race to get to the bottom as quickly as possible. Like the citizens of Sodom before us, we delight in perverting God’s truth. Yet the Judge of the earth will do right.

Not so wicked men, not so; but they be as dust, which the wind casteth away from the face of the earth. Psalm 1:4, Wycliffe.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay