The Fear of the Lord

The fear of the Lord ought to influence and direct all that we do. When this is the case, we shall be as sanctified a saint as any redeemed sinner may be. 

The fear of the Lord our days will prolong,
In trouble afford a confidence strong,
Will keep us from sinning, will prosper our ways,
And is the beginning of wisdom and grace.

The fear of the Lord preserves us from death,
Enforces his word, enlivens our faith,
It regulates passion, and helps us to quell
The dread of damnation and terrors of hell.

The fear of the Lord is soundness and health;
A treasure well stored with heavenly wealth;
A fence against evil, by which we resist
World, flesh, and the devil, and imitate Christ.

The fear of the Lord is clean and approved;
Makes Satan abhorred and Jesus beloved;
It conquers in weakness; is proof against strife;
A cordial in sickness; a fountain of life.

The fear of the Lord is lowly and meek;
The happy reward of all that him seek;
They only that fear him the truth can discern,
For, living so near him, his secrets they learn.

The fear of the Lord his mercy makes dear,
His judgments adored, his righteousness clear,
Without its fresh flavour, in knowledge there’s fault;
In doctrines no savour; in duties no salt.

The fear of the Lord confirms a good hope;
By this are restored the senses that droop;
The deeper it reaches, the more the soul thrives;
It gives what it teaches, and guards what it gives.

The fear of the Lord forbids us to yield;
It sharpens our sword and strengthens our shield.
Then cry we to heaven, with one loud accord,
That to us be given the fear of the Lord.

J. Hart, No 254, Gadsby's Hymns