Fellowship Alive

Well after three years I have returned to the great British Bible week of Word Alive, 2022. I have already blogged about how such a large gathering of believers from around the world is a great picture of heaven itself, a picture not lost on a number of the week’s speakers. One certainly wouldn’t come to the chilly Welsh coast in order to sunbathe or warm one’s cockles, nor for the snug comfort of a Pontin’s chalet. One comes, in part, to be with Christ's people. What struck me that first day was the beauty of the fellowship. As well as seeing old friends and acquaintances, such as a certain prolific book seller and a pastor who departed our area for England’s south, I have had pleasant conversations with complete strangers. I met Kate from Cambridgeshire and Colin from South Yorkshire. I have no idea about their hobbies, their politics or their personalities, but I know they love the Lord Jesus and received His amazing grace into their lives. And that is enough. Enough to know I love them and wish them well. In heaven, doubtless, we shall meet again, and recall our brief conversations as we entered and left the huge marquee, along with 2000 others. One of the advantages of a small church is that relationships are formed and friendships made. In a larger church, this might be harder, though the opportunities to meet new people and expand horizons are far larger. We who attend those smaller churches must needs be reminded of the gospel’s global reach. We may occupy a small corner of a field, but we are a part of a very large vineyard. Folk of all nations, languages and cultures are in the Church, for such will be in heaven. You may be a small-town hick, a country yokel or a member of a struggling mission, but remember you are a part of a massive movement, a global gathering, a cosmic community.