Fog on the Trough

Last Saturday, I travelled through Bowland and to the village of Quernmore, whereat I preached to a gathering of young men and women on the Lord's return. A thickish fog hung about, slowing the journey. By the time I took the photograph on the Trough road, above, the worst had passed.

One benefit of a foggy landscape is that it is harder to be distracted by the pretty river valleys and moody hillsides. One must look only on the road and keep focussed upon it, especially when steep drops are either side. The journey from Clitheroe to Lancaster is, I declare, the most splendid in the county, though wonderful views may tempt one’s eyes from the road ahead.

God seldom shares more information with us than we need, such as what the next year holds or what, if anything, we shall eat or do in heaven, for instance. The present is what we should concentrate on, our daily walk and general Christian witness. If God blanks out the peripheral, which often He does, focus on what is left- the way immediately in front. Take one day at a time, walking one step at a time, confidently leaving the future in His steady hands. 

When His lamp shone upon my head, and when by His light I walked through darkness...Job 29:3