Free Shopping

I received a security alert from my bank yesterday morning. Would I authorise that credit card transaction at Waitrose for £224.94 at 8.38 am? I declined to authorise that transaction, for I had not made it. Although a part of me is pleased that higher class fraudsters have targeted my account, disdaining to buy their provisions from the likes of Lidl or Netto, I was still rather annoyed. I contacted Waitrose on social media, and suggested that, if they could provide me with the delivery address, I would be pleased to call around and deliver a knuckle sandwich with extra relish. This would prove as nutritious to the soul as delicatessen to the belly. Sadly, Waitrose has not yet responded to my request, so these particular shoppers are yet to learn their lesson.

Fraud is a form of enslavement. The time I spent working to earn that cash they would steal. While they sit at home in their parents’ basement, poring over stolen card details and false identities, their victims are going out to work, paying tax and getting tired after a long day. Theft is distortion of God’s command to till the ground and work. It is way of exploiting the benefits of another’s labour without contributing to the effort.

Go to the ant, you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise. Proverbs 6:6