This is Gayfeather, formally known as Liatris spicata; it was growing in our chapel grounds last summer. The word 'gay' now means to be attracted to one’s own sex (assuming we have sexes), rather than our opposite. 

Similarly, 'ecstasy' means a heightened sense of pleasure or joy. In modern parlance, it means a chemical compound with which thrill-seeking teenagers sign their own death warrants.

'Equality' used to mean treating people fairly, or the state of which that is achieved. Now, it refers to a whole industry of busybodies and campaigners who wish to pull down the pillars of obvious morality.

'Liberal' used to mean someone who was a respecter of freedom. Or it meant someone was generous. Now it means someone who hates other people holding views which are, or were, mainstream.

I am increasingly preferring the older meanings of words. I like the Gayfeather; it bespeaks a simpler world of beautiful simplicity and honesty. When the flower was named, the word merely meant happy. And what a happy, attractive plant it is.