Godless Recognition (Scotland)

The appalling Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill, which has been passed in the Scottish Parliament and awaits royal assent, is a truly evil piece of legislation. Not only does it attack the God-given distinction of male and female, it will license male perverts to freely enter female spaces, such as changing rooms and toilets. The Bill lowers the minimum age of ‘transition’ from 18 to 16, as well as dangerously speeding up the process and replacing medical diagnosis with self-declaration, called ‘self-ID’.

Once upon a time, the Scots were known for both their rational thought, which made them world-renowned experts in engineering and administration, as well as their Christianity, which they exported around the globe. Although not all Scottish politicians favour the Bill, it has supporters in all parties, not least the SNP. How sensible Scots could vote for this dreadful legislation and its advocates is beyond my understanding. The Lord Jesus describes the city of Pergamos in the following terms in Revelation 2:13:

“I know your works, and where you dwell, where Satan’s throne is.”

Pergamos was not hell, nor did its denizens particularly believe in the devil. The Lord uses the term because of the city's aggressive paganism and its being a centre of political and state power. That ungodly city was a base from which the devil could watch, engineer and administer his wicked agenda. I increasingly think that the great city of Edinburgh is fulfilling that role in the United Kingdom. Whatever one thinks of Scots independence, the SNP seems to be enthralled to everything that is ungodly, unchristian and unworthy. Our English/British political parties are hardly paragons of virtue in this regard, but the SNP outdoes them all.

The last time I visited the Scottish Parliament there had been heavy rains. I noted the leaks by the windows, which so recent a construction should not have admitted. If the Parliament building leaks water, the Scottish nation has leaked common sense, piety and its great Christian heritage. Here is a land ripe for judgement. The Lord tells Amos in 8:2 while speaking of rebellious Israel:

“The end has come upon My people Israel;

I will not pass by them anymore.”