Gospel Singfest

Last weekend, I attended the Morecambe Bay Gospel Music Festival. I only went for the one session which was long enough (7pm-10.40pm), but I was blessed by what I heard. A majority of musicians seemed to hail from Scotland and Northern Ireland, with a couple of quips about Stormont being generally lost on their North Lancashire audience. Never was so a great a concentration of tweed waistcoats/faded denim combos seen this side of the Irish Sea. The Ayrtons were part of the great ensemble and one Roger Carswell gave an incisive gospel outline amidst his enjoyable book reviews.

It was most satisfying to hear talented singers pour out their hearts in offering praises to Almighty God. Although I am not terribly keen on worship groups in churches (the sense of ‘leading worship’ is sometimes overshadowed by a sense of being performed to) it was great hearing talents employed to bring glory to Jesus. In that world of perfection to which we are headed, I suspect that all our singing voices will be drastically improved; in those great worship sessions described in Revelation, there will be no off-keys, unattainable notes or tuneless warbling. Somehow, we shall be able to match, or at least complement, the huge angelic choirs whose auditory offerings are made around the Throne. Until then, I shall gladly enjoy those gifts and graces the Lord has bestowed on others. If we were all excellent singers in this life, we would not, I think, appreciate the gift of music quite so well.

“Hear this, you kings! Listen, you rulers! I, even I, will sing to the Lord; I will praise the Lord, the God of Israel, in song." Judges 5:3