Grace Astounding

I spoke at a Men’s Breakfast in Grace Baptist Church at Stockport (above) on Saturday. I seem to get a number of these invitations; I hope fellow pastors do not assess my girth and deduce that a breakfast invitation I am unable to refuse. I had been asked to speak on ‘a view from the Bench’, during which I shared a few insights from my scant knowledge and experience of the English and Welsh judicial system. Essentially, it gives a reminder of how fallen and corrupted we are, and how great is the grace that God should send the Son to be our Saviour! God is a fairer and more severe judge than any earthly magistrate, for He sees all and cannot be deceived. Yet He is also much more merciful and gracious than any worldly tribunal, for there is more grace in heaven than there is sin on earth.

O the mysterious depths of grace!
Who shall thy wandering mazes trace?
Surpassing human thought to know
Where this abyss of love shall flow.

-J. Kent