The Grave is Broken

Some of you may recall David Isaacs, my predecessor as pastor at Salem Chapel. Last week, the Lord called him home after a period of illness. Although he was no young man, it was evident that he was not without discomfort, despite the very attentive and faithful ministrations of his wife. David is now free of all pain and disability, though for her, whose pain is now the worse, we prayed on Sunday morning.

Before I visited him, I called at St Catherine’s, the nearby Anglican parish church. It was approaching 7pm and the building was locked, and quite properly. Yet there was light enough for me to inspect the walls and graves. There I beheld the grave of Richard Lewis. Being no Welsh speaker, I could understand little of his stone’s words save that his death was in 1872. Yet its most notable feature was the large crack it sustained, from top to bottom, admitting over an inch’s worth of day light. Perhaps it appears unfortunate to some, but it was a wonderful encouragement to me, and all who believe the gospel. Death is defeated, the grave is broken, the Saviour is risen -and David is living.

“Death is swallowed up in victory.” 1 Corinthians 54:6