Healing Guaranteed

I recently attended a meeting at which the following was said. I did not electronically record it, so I base it upon memory only, but I am certain that it is correctly recalled:

“We need to stop doubting that God will heal. He said he will heal and he always will heal. He won’t ‘might’ heal, he does heal! Stop doubting and start believing! Claim healing in the heavenlies before you get it on earth. So thank God that he has healed you before you even feel you have been healed. Just believe that you have been healed!”

The others in the room enjoyed this stirring stuff, for which a brief applause was offered. I momentarily considered standing up and asking if he believed that God would heal his eyes, and, if so, was he prepared to throw away his glasses right then and there?

Sadly, the gentleman had more confidence in his guaranteed healings that I had in the wisdom of my planned interruption; I let it pass.