Heckington Windmill

At Heckington in Lincoln’s shire is the continent’s sole, eight-sailed windmill. Although still recovering from storm damage, it helps keep the ancient village on the nation’s cultural map. At its base is a successful brewery, supplying ales and ciders to all honest folk who find themselves athirst. Although originally built with five sails in the 1830s, three more were added thereto in the 1890s. I assume it was to capture additional wind power, although my research into mills’ optimal sail figures proves fruitless. The principle, however, must be that the wind is powerful and the more of it harnessed, the more milling can be done in the least time. What extra trouble the additional sails put to their makers, the greater the power with which they were rewarded.

I wonder how many Christians are firing on all cylinders, or, more appropriately, sailing at full speed. God provides all that His people need for fruitful and successful Christian living, even during, nay, especially during, times of trouble and hardship. Why, then, are so many of us weak and feeble? Bible study, live fellowship, service, private prayer, public prayer, witnessing, meditation and filling with the Holy Spirit are the sails of our mill; by removing or neglecting one or more, our powers wane, our produce shrinks and our spirits desiccate.