Herbal Tea

For the past month, I have been increasingly vexed by some minor malady in my throat. Thankfully, it failed to inhibit my speech, but swallowing I found uncomfortable. This caused me to awaken during the night, as the natural, automatic swallowing of saliva proved itself opposed to nocturnal comfort. A week or so ago, and the discomfort bordered on modest pain. I duly looked up online of which conditions this might be symptomatic, and naturally disliked what I read. I offered the matter to the Lord, and drank some cups of Twining's herbal tea which Holland and Barrett were selling at reduced price. I usually find herbal tea unpleasant to taste though not to smell, but the claim on the packet suggested medicinal value.

Sure enough, my throat has almost returned to normal. So was it the Lord who effected its healing, as a response to my prayer? Was it Twinings’ special blend of healing herbs, including rosehips, hibiscus and nettle? Was it my own body’s God-given ability to fight infection? Without subjecting myself to the scientific method, I cannot be certain. In one respect, it does not matter, so long as the blockage- or whatever it was- is removed. Whether it was His direct intervention, His provision of herbs or the wonderfully crafted human body- it was God who worked and it is He who gets the glory, not me, and certainly not Twinings of Hampshire.

Image by Terri Cnudde from Pixabay