Hydrangea Anomala

Having read a number of these blogs on flowers, you might be forgiven for thinking me some kind of amateur expert. Far from it. I seldom remember flowers’ names, and often fail to recognise the most obvious. On my walk to chapel Sunday gone, I noticed a strange white flower, unusually constructed. Once home, my research confirmed it as hydrangea anomala. Had it been blue or pink, I might have better recognised it. Its whiteness rendered it unknown, quite anomalous.

How many people do we know for their faults? For being too talkative, too annoying, too selfish, too lightheaded, too dull, too grave? In heaven, we may have to offer second glances, for those saints we know by their shortcomings will have been perfected. Those flowers which were once a common blue or garish pink will then be a pure, righteous white.