Those of us with social media have those Christian friends who like to ‘share’ inspirational Bible verses. They usually have a background such as a waterfall, sunset or empty beach, or perhaps like the one above. The said texts receive ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ as online friends express their appreciation and blessing. The inimitable Babylon Bee has parodied this practice, with its own choice of motivational text, which set me laughing:

The point they make is that many Bible verses and texts are not appropriate to 'share' and 'like' on newsfeeds. The Bible is not a collection of stirring mantras and cliches to fire you up and get you through the day. Many of the old prophets railed against sin, pride, violence and hypocrisy. I do not see these texts shared on sun-drenched backgrounds. Much of the Bible is law and rule, designed to expose our rebellion and lack of righteousness. Again, I do not see these texts carefully imposed over wintry woodlands and attractive mountain ranges.

Although I encourage all Bible reading, sharing and quoting, we must get away from the idea that scripture merely exists to cheer us up or confirm our well-being. It is primarily there to point us to Christ, that we might flee to Him. Now that is inspired. 

Deliver yourself like a gazelle from the hand of the hunter,

And like a bird from the hand of the fowler.

-Proverbs 6:5




Top image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay 

Lower image: