International Society of Twisters

Word Alive, the annual Bible and teaching event held on the cold shores of North Wales, is known for the soundness of its teachers and speakers, whose ministry last week I very much enjoyed. It lays on evening entertainment, including films, jazz singers and theatre groups for those who attend. One such troupe, Rise Theatre, showed FAITHFUL COMPANIONS, a performance about:

‘…the inspirational true story of Marie Madeleine d’Houët, foundress of an international Society of Catholic sisters called the Faithful Companions of Jesus. In this original stage production…we see the courageous story of one woman’s fight to address the great need in the world around her in 19th century France and beyond, lived through steadfast devotion to Jesus Christ and responding to God’s call.’

I am not convinced that we need be inspired by Roman Catholic nuns and their pretended companionship with Jesus. I would be more inspired if they left behind that counterfeit Christianity with its idolatry and DIY salvation in purgatory, and embraced the truth of scripture and the Jesus of reality. One can be faithful to churches, denominations, founders and holy men; to principles, to lifestyles, to goodness, to ethics- all while rejecting the message of the plain, old gospel of saving grace and simple faith.

Great God! if thou shouldst bring me near,
To answer at thy awful bar,
And my own self defend;
If Jesus did himself withdraw,
I know thy holy, fiery law
My soul to hell would send.

A sinner self-condemned I come,
Worthy that thou shouldst me consume,
But, O! one thing I plead:
The every mite to thee I owed,
Christ Jesus, with his own heart’s blood,
In pity for me paid.

Now shouldst thou me to judgment call,
Though Moses faced me there, and all
My dreadful sins appeared,
I should not fear, but boldly stand;
Through Jesus’ piercèd heart and hand,
I know I should be spared.

My full receipt should there be showed,
Written with iron pens in blood,
On Jesus’ hands and side.
“I’m safe!” I’ll shout, “O law and sin,
Ye cannot bring me guilty in,
For Christ was crucified!”

-J. Cennick, Gadsby's Hymns, No 163

Image by NoName_13 from Pixabay