Job Pennington Memorial

The Job Pennington Memorial Primitive Methodist Mission Hall is a Kendal landmark at the Fellside part of town. The name is something of a mouthful, so it is usually shortened to the Job Pennington Memorial Chapel, which is slightly better. I am not overly keen on naming churches and chapels after humans; it smacks a little of medieval parish churches with their saint-craft, or giving too much glory to men instead of Christ. Nevertheless, Mr Pennington built the chapel in 1899 after the Primitive Methodists were ejected from their rented premises. Christopher Hill quotes the Primitive Methodist Magazine of January 1899, which describes him as “a man of apostolic piety and zeal, and untiring labour” who did “incalculable good in the town in which he was born.” This is quite a recommendation, an accolade that would well grace any saint’s resume.

In the 1881 census, he is described as a ‘Quarryman’ aged 56, while his son, Robert, is a ‘Stone Mason’. Pennington & Son seem to have been ideally suited to construct a chapel for a homeless congregation. I cannot vouch for the Penningtons' musical abilities, nor for old Job’s proficieny at preaching, but he could sure build a chapel. Perhaps God appoints us to the time and place of our existence because that is where our skills, talents and resources are most needed. Remenber that, you who do nothing for the gospel's cause.

Interestingly, there is a still a quarry in Kendal bearing old Job’s name:


We are based in Kendal and provide aggregates and walling stone to trade and retail customers

Penningtons Quarry is an old established business producing top quality Limestone aggregates and walling stone . Our quarry first started production in the 1930’s and is conveniently located on the edge of Kendal and forms the boundary to the National Park .

The thirties were too late for Job, but I pray its aggregates and stones may be put to as much sacred use as the older quarry stones he cut and dressed. May we build for eternity and not for the earth, which is passing away.