Just Stop Posh Cults

Those pampered, middle-class goons of Just Stop Oil strike again. This time, they have closed the M25 with their protests. They have previously invaded Premier League football grounds, tying themselves to goalposts. They have thrown soup at Van Gogh's Sunflowers at the National Gallery, an institution famous for its excessive usage of fossil fuels.

As journalist Tom Slater remarks: ‘Environmentalism has become a creepy bourgeois cult’. These posh protestors with their Master's degrees and sufficient quantities of leisure time which enable them to avoid going to work, obstruct real working people from earning the money that feeds and clothes their children. This organisation is another expression of old fashioned class war: the posh people at the top attempting to impoverish and emasculate the little people at the bottom. Yet Slater goes further:

Why block roads? Why alienate ordinary people? Why risk damaging a priceless work of art?…It all starts to make a tiny bit more sense when you get your head around the bleak, bizarre worldview of the cultists. If you genuinely believe this nonsense, that essentially the apocalypse beckons, then surely almost anything that might wake the ‘sheeple’ up is justified. And even if the cultists are doomed to failure, even if…we’re all going to die’, as [Roger] Hallam (a co-founder and YouTube broadcaster) is fond of putting it, well at least they tried.

In other words, it is another doomsday cult pretending to be a political protest. Furthermore, the posh drones of this evil sect are funded by the rich and powerful. According to the BBC, the group is part financed by Aileen Getty, the American billionaire granddaughter of oil entrepreneur Paul Getty, among others.

Godless, secular Britain has a deep spiritual hole that it cannot fill. Into the space Christianity has been forced to vacate, political and religious cults and movements have gleefully moved. The world is indeed doomed, and life cannot, and will not, continue as it has forever. The cause is not fossil fuels but humans’ sin; the solution is not attacking paintings and living like cavemen, but crying out to God for mercy and believing Christ’s gospel.

“Look to Me, and be saved, All you ends of the earth! For I am God, and there is no other”. Isaiah 45:22

Image by Benjamin Davies from Pixabay