Kidding Yousaf

I am disappointed with Humza Yousaf. He is the new SNP leader, and therefore now First Minister of Scotland. Kate Forbes, his closest rival and former Finance Secretary, who is an evangelical Christian, was offered an ‘insulting’ post at Rural Affairs and has subsequently quit. I am actually pleased that she did not get the job. The SNP is a moral quagmire, and within days she would have had to compromise her faith, if membership of Sturgeon’s former government was not compromise enough. So why am I so disappointed? Not that he is a Muslim, and certainly not because he is brown skinned. Let all who think our nation a cesspit of prejudice please note his promotion. Rather, it is because he must be one of the few Muslims in the land who are aggressively socially liberal, obsessing over transgenderism. Islam teaches its adherents that there is an actual right and wrong, virtue and sin, and that God is the source of morality. Mr Yousaf fails to offer even that benefit. Furthermore, video footage exists of him complaining about the number of white people holding senior posts in Scotland, despite their making up 94% of the population. His election is bad news for the people of Scotland, but probably good news for the Union. Nations get the leaders they deserve, sadly, and sinners get the Saviour they do not deserve. 

Come, Lord Jesus!