The King of the North's Humiliation

Russia’s war against Ukraine is going surprisingly badly. I thought the latter would succumb in a fortnight. The former’s dated and ill-maintained military hardware is little match for the West’s technology and the Ukrainians’ determination. Yet Russia losing the war may be an even worse prospect for the world than her winning it. In 1905, Russia lost a war with Japan, a humiliation which caused a revolution, and a tightening of the Tsar’s grip on power. Two decades later, a worse tyrant than Nikolai Romanov was controlling the Kremlin. If Russia loses, and that we cannot currently tell, Mr Putin, or his successor, may be an even worse threat to world peace.

The more I see of world leaders the more I long for Christ’s direct rule: Biden has the mind of a child, Johnson the integrity of a crook, Putin the intentions of a crocodile. Human government is only as good as the fallen creatures who head it. Christ’s government will be as equitable and glorious as Christ Himself. Whereas good government is a blessing, bad government serves as a reminder of what we really need. 

For the kingdom is the LORD’s, And He rules over the nations. Psalm 22:28

Photo Credit: Daniel Hannan