Lib Dem Sham

Sir Ed Davey is the current leader of the Liberal Democrat Party. Like his fellow knight of the realm, Keir Starmer, he was selected as party leader after an electoral thrashing back in 2019. Also like Starmer, his political impact has been negligible, despite appearing a good choice on paper. One of the reasons for this is that the party under his leadership is no longer liberal. Natalie Bird, a 40-year-old party activist, has been banned from the party for 10 years. Her crime?  Wearing a T-shirt reading: 'Woman: Adult, Human, Female'. That’s right. For holding to and publicly sharing a dictionary definition of the word woman, a complaint against her was made. She had also suggested that refugees should be segregated based on biological sex rather than chosen gender. This keeps women safe from being sexually assaulted by blokes. But oh, this assumes there is such a thing as biological sex and denies refugees’ rights to define their own sexual gender. Bird is currently suing the Lib Dems, and I hope she wins, and receives damages. The party is hardly liberal, and increasingly a bastion of intolerance and stupidity. To be banned from it for ten years should now be seen as a badge of honour. Still, with Labour also dancing around the golden calf of gender identity, it leaves politically homeless a good number of sensible, left of centre Britons. When Ed Davey was himself asked by Andrew Marr what was wrong with the words 'Woman: Adult, Human, Female', he would not answer, and attempted to blame the current PM:

Davey: …What’s changed is Boris Johnson coming to No.10. Boris Johnson has toxified this debate. He set up a culture war unit in No.10…

Marr: We’ve jumped from a phrase to Boris Johnson. I do want to come back to this phrase. What is wrong with the phrase? Can you explain to people watching what is wrong with the phrase ‘woman – adult human female’? What’s wrong with that?

Davey: Well, I mean, you…the phrase doesn’t actually really encapsulate the debate to be honest.

For all our sakes, I hope the Lib Dems get a new leader, a new set of policies and a big helping of common sense thrown into the bargain.  

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay